Australian Search EnginesMany internet searches are for generalized web content, and any search engine will do the job. When it comes to finding specifically Australian resources, however, it’s smart to turn to Australian search engines first. In the same way, when looking for search engines to advertise with, it’s smarter to look to search engines that are sure to reach audiences in the proper country. Australia has plenty of search engine resources to choose from, enough to meet any searching need.

There are four Australian search engines in particular that consumers can choose between. The first, and by far the most popular, is Google Australia. In 2010, received well over eighty percent of Australian search traffic, a figure that increases to over ninety percent when search traffic from is added in. This is hardly surprising, given Google’s worldwide popularity and wide-ranging utility. More than a search engine, Google has a translation function, a calculator, news and RSS aggregators, as well as email and social networking. Its one-stop-shopping makes it very attractive for consumers and advertisers alike, but its worldwide focus means it is not specifically Australian, either.

To try and narrow its focus, Google also powers a second Australian search engine,, which includes white page search functions and more targeted advertising. It does not have the same draw the main Google site does, but its streamlined form is ideal for mobile access, which is a rapidly expanding market for search engines.

Yahoo! and Bing also provide Australian search engines that pick up much of the remaining search traffic. Though neither of them is anywhere near as popular as Google, they both have their strong points for searching and advertising. Yahoo! ( provides an easy method for submitting new sites, making it simple to get recognized by their search engine. Bing, though it is the newest and smallest of the major search engines, is built directly into many new Microsoft products. Its integration means that it is the default search engine for many people who are new to internet search.

Of course, no discussion of Australian search engines would be complete without a mention of, the original purely Australian search engine. While it doesn’t pull in the traffic of the major search providers, its quirky name and entirely Australian focus make it a viable search option for consumers focusing entirely on the Australian market.