Debit Cards SearchThese days, it is a real nuisance to carry cash around. After all, it’s hard to keep up with and you can’t track it. This is why more and more people are paying for everyday items with credit cards. If you have bad credit, you’re probably wondering how you can pay with a card. Debit cards provide almost the same functionality as credit cards, but you don’t have to have as good of a credit score to get one. The following are some important qualities to keep in mind on your debit card search.

When you are looking for debit cards, you need to make sure there is not a transaction fee. When debit cards were new, it was common for banks to charge a transaction fee. But now the technology has matured, making it much less expensive for banks to issue debit cards. If a bank is trying to charge you every time you use your debit card, search for another bank. A twenty cent transaction fee might not seem like much money, but it you use your debit card five times a day, that’s thirty dollars a month you’re giving away.

On your debit card search, you should also look for a card that has good fraud protection. Always ask the bank what they would do if your card got stolen. Would they make you pay for the damage or would they cover it? Usually banks will cover debit card fraud if you contact them with a few days of the occurrence.

Finally, find out what brand of debit card each bank issues. You want to have a debit card that is accepted by the most businesses possible, so you will reduce the amount of cash you use.

Even though it may seem like finding the perfect debit card would be hard, it really isn’t. If you have a savings account with a bank, you should start your debit card search there. When looking for a debit card, always remember to get one that doesn’t have a transaction fee. If you have to pay a transaction fee, you’re paying more money than you have to. Also, good fraud protection and a popular card brand are important qualities of the perfect debit card. Once you find the right debit card, you’ll be glad you spent the time scouting it out.

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