Domain SearchA domain search helps Internet users find a new domain name to use for their business. Domain names work best if they are short, easy to remember and relate to the mission of their Website. With so many people on the Internet, sometimes a preferred domain is not available, meaning that businesses must find an alternative. That’s when a domain search becomes convenient.

Many web hosting companies and domain registrars have domain searches available. Of course some people may prefer some search tools over others. Most tools provide a text field where users can enter the domain name they want. The system will then report whether or not that name is available and will usually suggest alternatives. For example, if a .com domain is unavailable, the search tool may reveal that the same domain is available as a .net. Also, some search tools allow users to type in keywords and will then scour domain records to find domain names that have those keywords in various combinations

Sometimes a new business venture depends on having a particular domain name. In these cases, search tools identify domain names that are up for resale. These domains often cost a lot because investors have purchased them in hopes of turning a handsome profit. Depending on the amount of money available and on the business plan of a new start-up, purchasing an existing domain may make sense.

Third party domain tools are available that will not only check availability, suggest alternatives and build domain names from keywords, but will also check pricing from competing domain registrars. This helps customers find the best prices for domain services. This type of search service is beneficial because many domain name customers are unaware that domains are available at different prices from different sources.

When registering a domain, customers can choose the length of their registration. Most domains usually begin at one year, but pricing usually is much better when registrants sign up for two years or more at a time. This helps keep costs down and helps minimise the chance of inadvertently allowing a domain registration to expire.

Also, while processing a domain registration, customers should see what other services are available from their registrar. Private registration that prevents the distribution of the name of domain owners and web hosting are two popular products that are available for an additional cost.